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I am often faced with having to resize images for people or even wanting to email through photos to share with friends and family. I have now added in my email signature “Please consider my bandwidth before sending” as I am tired of receiving huge files containing images.

The question I ask myself is when I receive photos from people– what was the person thinking when sending them to me? Was it really necessary to send me the original file which is 4MB when all I want to do is share it with people on my laptop?

What I want to share with people is a quick and easy way to resize your images before sharing with people.


I am an avid Outlook user as it is who I am. Therefore my familiarity with Outlook is pretty good and resizing images before emailing is SIMPLE. There is no need to pass over 3MB photos and jamming up your outbox and also the receivers inbox. If your intention is to share photos and not printing them the please RESIZE them.

These steps will enable you to either attach and SEND them to a recipient or even resize all the images to save on your computer. You must have Outlook installed on your computer and I am using Outlook 2007.

Step 1 - Open the folder containing your images. Select ALL (CTRL + A), Right Click>>Choose SEND TO>>Mail Recipient

Step 2 - You will be asked to Attach Files. Here is where you can resize the images. You will see the TOTAL size of the original images is almost 40MB.

  • You can then adjust the size (PICTURE SIZE) to what you feel is appropriate.
  • In this example, I chose MEDIUM and now the total estimated size of my email (or all the images) is just under 4MB.

Step 3 - When I press ATTACH an Outlook email will open with ALL of the images attached. The file sizes are dramatically reduced and you will have successfully resized your images. Right now, you can do 2 things:

  1. Send the email to recipients
  2. Copy the images and paste them into a new folder (on the desktop or wherever you prefer) – just select all images in the attachments (CTRL +A), go to the folder and PASTE them in (CTRL + V).


I have had discussions with people about this and of course it is NOT the best solution. However, if you are not a Photoshop expert or have nowhere else to go, then this solution is fast and easy. To maintain the image quality, which some FREE website image re-sizers offer (a before and after shot), to the untrained design eye people will not notice any difference.


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