Website Landing Pages - What are they for?

What's a landing page?

We are often faced with trying to work with our clients and show them the benefit of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). There are great benefits by dedicating resources to making your website work for you but even there are options to make things work with limited resources.

A landing page (also known as a lead capture page), as referred to in online marketing, is a page that appears when a potential customer clicks on a search engine result link or an advertisement. The page is usually customised to act as a logical extension of the clickthrough. The landing page is optimised to highlight search engine indexing by including specfic keywords or phrases.

Basically, it is a page that is designed for the audience who clicks on something that interests them. It is usually not accessible by a 'normal' visitor to your website. It is unique and only accessible through the search term or advertisement.

Why do this?

When you send out a message to your members or subscribers you want to be able to distinguish between the 'normal' visitors to your site and the visitors who are clicking through via a specific search or advertisement. For marketeers this is golden. It has never been so easy to measure the success of specific campaigns through relative clickthrough rates. Use Google Analytics.

When you set up your website, ensure you are able to have control over the indexing of your pages and be capable of adding page descriptions and metatags to control your SEO efforts. Landing pages also show great importance in pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

At Chinanetrix we are dedicated to knowing what your website needs to achieve and guide you through the process of launching your website. We will make it easy for you to duplicate pages and create your unique landing pages. It literally takes seconds!

Check out our SEO packages to either analyse your current site or work towards making your new site work for you instead of you working for your site.


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