Google not Blocked - at Least not Permanently

The Google-in-China debacle seems always poised to become the biggest news story, then falls just short. That's generally good news for us Mainland Google users, but makes for some very dissatisfying and decidely un-sensational headlines.

The "rfa" abbreviation in search urls that many suggested was to blame for the widespread Google outages cannot be totally to blame, because the change was made over a week ago, and the problem arose less than 24 hours ago. 

If China had intended to block Google, then it would seem Google will report it on their Mainland China service availability page, which hasn't updated yet as I type this. I'm curious to see if there's a little red 'X' for the in the Web Search row for yesterday. Further, if it was an intentional blocking, why only for half a day? Google has been blocked entirely by china before - it isn't as if the government needs to show the ability. 

Whatever the case is, Google is now available to the degree it has always been in China. Searching for non-offensive terms yields results, searching for anything related to sensitive issues often gets you a dead page or similar.

I can't wait to see if this all starts to make sense. So far, it appears that neither entity has a plan that it is following, but is reacting on gut feeling alone.


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