China-Savvy IT Consulting and Development

Chinanetrix is a Beijing-based IT Consulting company specializing in assisting businesses in the rapidly changing and growing Chinese market. Our clientele includes both domestic and foreign companies, and range from small start-up to large multi-national. We take pride in our ability to navigate the Chinese business landscape as well as in our technological expertise and know-how.

Focus on your business - Chinanetrix will focus on your IT needs

Information Technology is a necessary part of every business, but it isn't the core of most. Your organization's valuable time and expertise is best spent on what you do best. We free our clients from their IT concerns and allow them to focus on their own goals.

If you're a business owner or a decision-maker at a large organization, you likely love what you do. At Chinanetrix, we love what we do. Our talented professionals specialize in business-centric IT, assessing and implementing the solutions tailored to our client's exact needs.

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Our services and products include:

  • Website Design and Implementation
    Our content management solutions ensure your site stays up to date
  • Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
    Using legitimate techniques and marketing experts familiar with your industry, we ensure organic growth and cultivation of your search result rankings
  • Small Applications Development
    When cookie-cutter programs don't meet your business's requirements, Chinanetrix can develop ad custom application to fit your needs
  • Hardware and Software Survey, Upgrade and Installation
    Chinanetrix can assist your business in staying astride of changes and advancements in technology. We survey your site, assess your needs, facilitate purchases, and install and maintain your systems
  • Disaster Prevention and Recovery
    Data loss can cause major costs for your company not just in terms of money, but in time and morale as well. Chinanetrix can prevent and minimalize data loss, as well as recover valuable data already lost.