Open Source CMS, CRM, EDM, apps and other marketing tools for mainland China

Marketing Tools for China
We provide turn-key marketing products tailored to the China market. Our solutions are easily updated and maintained and easily modified by IT professionals.

What of ChinaNetrix's decision to deveop open source software solutions for our Clients in China?

Open source software is already in use in much of the business world. No longer is open source a toy for the tech elite - it is a powerful tool used by many individuals, mainstream business and organisations and governmental organisations.  While it once carried a stigma of being unsafe, not user-friendly, or incomplete, it is now welcomed as a fresh. dynamic alternative to licensed software.

ChinaNetrix proudly provides a comprehensive set of open source software solutions / tools that have been customised to suit the mainland China market, straight out of the box. 

We provide the basics along with sophisticated e-Marketing solutions built upon Drupal and tailored specifically to your organisations particular needs.  

All ChinaNetrix's multilingual platforms are safe (128 bit encryption), easy to use (point & click) and are supported by our bilingual team. 

Whether you just need a simple brochure-style website, an SMS/ MMS marketing campaign, an e-commerce B2B solution or a complex content-driven site updated by your visitors,  ChinaNetrix can deliver a specific product, on time, within budget.